The Mission

The mission of this project is to raise the awareness of high school history teachers of the role that Canadians soldiers played in the battle for Italy in World War II though commemoration activities in the summer and fall of 2018, marking the 75th anniversary of their achievements.

In order to achieve its mission, the Operation Husky 2018 project will involve three elements these are:

  • The organizing of a 20 day walk across Sicily following the path taken by the First Canadian Division;
  • A commemorative tour of Sicily and Italy involving key Regiments in the first week of November wherein daily web-casts and live interviews with current serving troops and veterans will be offered to participating Canadian schools.
  • A communications campaign and supporting lesson plans to attract high-school history teachers in Canada to the remembrance of the Canadians in Italy.


1. The Walk Across Sicily

In recognition of the importance of the successful landing in Sicily on July 10th, 1943, Operation Husky 2018 organizers will, conduct a ceremony on “Bark West” beach, the site of the 1st Canadian Division landing on the outskirts of Pachino and begin a 20 day walk to Adrano.

One marker will be placed for each of the days of the 28-day campaign, featuring a list of the fallen.

A daily ceremony will take place in each of 20 towns in which a wreath will be laid for the Canadians, Italians and Germans who dies in the war 75 years earlier.

2. The Return of the Guns Tour

An 8 day bus tour through the battlefields of Sicily and Italy marking the anniversary of the start of the Italian Campaign.

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